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The Loop

The Loop represents a movement of students who are finding their interests, getting involved, and getting informed about the challenges and opportunities facing physical therapy.

Get Involved!

There are many ways to get more involved with APTA; many of them are easy and fun!

Submit an Article to the Student Assembly Pulse Online Newsletter

Is something newsworthy going on in your city? Did your school do something amazing? Would you like to raise concerns about an important topic? Consider writing for The Pulse.

It doesn't have to be long; a paragraph or two will do. Plus, you'll become a published student of physical therapy, with the chance to send the article to all your friends and family! To submit an article, contact Student Assembly Director Brooke McIntosh.

Join an APTA Section

APTA's 18 specialty sections provide the resources you need to stay current in your area of expertise and connect with others who share your specific interests. Various sections hold meetings, platform presentations, and socials. When you join/renew membership with APTA, you can join a section—you'll be pleasantly surprised by the special student rates!

Get Involved with Your State Chapter

Connect with other student members, PTs, and PTAs in your state. Chapters hold events, provide information about advocacy, and offer resources to maximize your learning experience and professional career. When you join or renew membership in APTA, you're automatically a member of a chapter—usually in your home state or the state in which you are attending school.

Visit your chapter's website for information on volunteer opportunities, upcoming events, and mentoring possibilities. Your chapter's website also provides contact details as well as more information.

Be a Core Ambassador (CA)

Core Ambassadors (CAs) are the primary links between students in each state and the Student Assembly Board of Directors (SABoD). Be the leading student representative within your state. Be instrumental in connecting students within your state to national resources. CAs should have the desire to get to know the DPT/PTA programs within their state, have some experience with APTA structure and events, and have strong communication skills.

Join a SABoD Project Committee (PC)

Be a national leader in an area of your interest, connect students with the most up-to-date resources, and work closely with the SABoD. Comprised of 1 student chair and 5-10 student members, Project Committees help the SABoD in the fulfillment of their responsibilities for the Student Assembly. PC chairs should have some knowledge of APTA and Student Assembly structure, strong leadership experience, and the desire to lead a group of highly involved students. PC members may be new to the Student Assembly, but they should have a strong desire to further their involvement and create something special for their fellow students.

Applications for PC chairs are distributed each December. Contact a SABoD member to learn more about each project committee.

Run for a Position on APTA's SABoD

Learn firsthand how APTA functions, demonstrate your leadership potential, work with APTA staff leaders and the Board of Directors, and make a difference. It's FUN!

All interested students should possess strong decision-making skills, have a positive view toward the future development of physical therapy, and have great communication skills. Past experience in leadership positions is helpful.

Elections are held annually at APTA's National Student Conclave. To run for a position, contact Student Assembly Nominating Committee Chair Kaitlyn Bianco.

Intern at APTA

APTA offers a variety of internship opportunities in the Communications, Government and Payment Advocacy, and Practice and Education Units. Each opportunity is unique and may be customized to incorporate your particular interests and skills. Get an all-access pass to the inner workings of APTA!

For those who want to get more involved with APTA by working with staff daily for the forward movement of physical therapy, this is the perfect opportunity! Take a look at Internship Opportunities (.pdf), or contact APTA's Human Resources Department for more information.

Volunteer at a National Conference

Volunteers help in a variety of ways, including scanning badges for continuing education unit (CEU) credit, monitoring capacities, and orienting attendees. You will make friends with other students and learn the ins and outs of conferences. Some opportunities offer complimentary registration! Anyone can be an usher—from the most experienced students to new conference attendees.

Check the APTA NEXT Conference & Exposition or Combined Sections Meeting webpages for more information. Note: Conference volunteer opportunities are limited.

Serve as a Student Usher for APTA's House of Delegates at APTA's June Conference

Get a firsthand look at APTA's chief policymaking body and learn from dedicated and experienced PTs as they set professional standards. Student ushers monitor entrances to the House of Delegates (House) and provide delegates with needed materials. During House sessions, ushers run messages and motions between delegates and House officers. Student ushers should be quick, efficient, and attentive in order to keep up!

Visit the House of Delegates page for additional details. If you have questions or need more information, send an e-mail to

Advocate on Behalf of the Profession

Send an E-mail to Congress
Be part of the movement to advance issues important to our profession, such as student loan repayment, therapy caps, concussion management, and multiple payment procedure reduction (MPPR). Every e-mail helps! We need everyone's help if we hope to effectively advocate for our profession. Sending an e-mail takes 2 minutes, max!

Members should log into the Legislative Action Center, which allows you to select from a list of APTA's current issues and contact your members of Congress. Nonmembers and the public can take action via the Patient Legislative Action Center.

Join PTeam

A grassroots program that fights for the profession of physical therapy on Capitol Hill, PTeam sends its members a newsletter, action alerts, and information bulletins regarding progress on various legislative and regulatory initiatives. Be a part of the grassroots organization to effectively lobby Congress on issues facing the profession of physical therapy. This group is extremely informed, aware, and active! All APTA members are eligible to join PTeam. If you are interested in advocacy, this is the right team for you! Learn more.

Become a PT-PAC Student Star!

PT-PAC is the profession's sole fundraising vehicle for channeling financial and grassroots support to congressional candidates who are supportive of the profession's goals and viewpoints. The Student Stars Club recognizes students for their contributions to PT-PAC. Make a statement to your classmates, professors, and clinical instructors! Show that you are aware and concerned about political issues that involve physical therapy and that you are willing to put in the effort to help that cause. You also will receive a Student Stars pin (great to wear during conferences), and your name will be published in APTA's PT in Motion magazine. Contribute at least $20 in a calendar year to PT-PAC. Learn more.

Get Informed
Learn more about the issues facing physical therapy, and support the profession through legislative means by visiting APTA's Take Action webpage.

Get Involved by Attending Conferences

Student Initiatives

Learn about and participate in the different initiatives and fundraising efforts.

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