Today's Physical Therapist

A One-Stop Resource to Educate Decision Makers About Your Profession 

Looking for an effective tool to educate policymakers, payers, prospective students, and the public about the physical therapy profession?

APTA's Today's Physical Therapist: A Comprehensive Review of a 21st Century Health Care Profession (.pdf) reports on issues ranging from licensure and specialization to education and research, to the role of the PTA and payment for physical therapist services.

Today's Physical Therapist provides readers with a "one-stop" location to learn where physical therapy is as a profession today and where it is going in the 21st century. This document also will assist in the battles that many APTA chapters face at the state level, as other health care professions often attempt to inaccurately or inappropriately define the physical therapy profession through legislative and regulatory efforts.

As government, private health care entities, and provider groups pursue solutions to the considerable health care provision challenges the United States faces, it is imperative that accurate information about the qualifications and roles of specific providers, in this case physical therapists, be available to inform all entities as they engage in these discussions.

Interested in becoming a physical therapist or physical therapist assistant? See our information on PT and PTA careers.

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