Values-based Behaviors for the PTA

Values-based Behaviors for the PTA (.pdf) provides definitions and sample indicators (examples, not an exhaustive list) that describe the actions the physical therapist assistant (PTA) would perform to express the 8 values most commonly associated with PTAs:

1. Altruism
2. Caring and Compassion
3. Continuing Competence
4. Duty
5. Integrity
6. PT/PTA Collaboration
7. Responsibility
8. Social Responsibility

A complete history of the development and approval of the document is included in the document's introduction.

Values-based Behaviors Self Assessment (.doc)
This self-assessment tool is intended to: 1) increase awareness about the values-based behaviors; and 2) provide a format for documenting the frequency with which he or she demonstrates the eight values-based behaviors on sample indicators (behaviors not intended to be an exhaustive list).

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