Volunteer Groups: Leadership Development Committee


There are currently no vacancies for this group.


Members to be considered, but not required:

  • A former member of APTA's Board of Directors
  • A former member of APTA's Student Assembly Board of Directors or former student leader
  • A new professional representative
  • A current or former chapter leader (not necessarily president)
  • A current or former section leader (not necessarily president)
  • A physical therapist assistant member
  • A general member
  • A member of APTA's nominating committee (to be selected by the APTA nominating committee)


The Leadership Development Committee meets monthly for 1 hour webinars and has 2 in-person meetings per year.

Terms of Appointees

  • Committee members will serve 2-year terms; no individual shall serve more than 2 consecutive terms.
  • The APTA Nominating Committee member will serve a 1 year term. The Nominating Committee member can serve more than 1 consecutive term and must be a current Nominating Committee member throughout his/her term on the Leadership Development Committee.


The Leadership Development Committee will provide strategic direction, resources and opportunities for APTA members to develop their leadership skills.

The Board of Directors’ determined charge for the Leadership Development Committee is to:

  • Create an organizational structure for an APTA leadership development program, including recommendations for mentorship opportunities, a process for identifying members that could potentially benefit from the program, and resources for assisting interested volunteers not chosen for leadership service to further develop their leadership skills
  • Develop key leadership core competencies for the association
  • Promote leadership development opportunities to members, including educational programming for interested leaders and potential leaders
  • Establish processes for evaluating overall program success
  • Work collaboratively with the APTA Nominating Committee, through the inclusion of an APTA Nominating Committee member on the Committee
  • Submit a report to the Board of Directors on an annual basis

The Leadership Development Committee will conduct its work with the Association Organizational Values in mind and in the context of 1) APTA's mission, vision and strategic plan, and 2) the potential for its work to have implications related to physical therapist assistants, women, diversity, and risk management.

Additional Information

BOD Chair: Kathleen K. Mairella, PT, DPT, MA
Staff Liaison: Elizabeth Grotos, senior specialist, components, governance and leadership

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Size of Appointed Group: 1 Board Chair, 8 members 1 of which is a member of the APTA Nominating Committee, and the APTA President as ex-officio (APTA bylaws: Article IX, Section 3, A and Article X, Section I, A)

For additional information regarding this and other APTA volunteer opportunities, please contact Amber Neil in APTA's National Governance and Leadership Department at 800/999-2782, ext. 8184, or by email at appointedgrouppool@apta.org.

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