Revisions to the APTA Volunteer Group Process & Structure

Responding to feedback received from members by the Board of Directors (Board) over the past several years, and to the need identified by the work of the Task Force on Governance Review to update and revise the appointed group system that the Board uses to accomplish its work, the Board at its February and March 2011 meetings adopted a new volunteer group system that encompasses both process and structure.

The revisions to the system are designed to:

  • Align the volunteer group structure and process design with the APTA Task Force on Governance Review vision and proposals.
  • Recommend practices and processes that will increase the value of volunteer groups to the Board, the association, and the individual participants.
  • Enhance how information flows among Board, volunteer groups, and staff.
  • Ensure that a broader representation of members can participate in volunteer groups.

APTA Volunteer Group System – Frequently Asked Questions (.pdf)

Volunteer Groups/Opportunities Design Specifications (.pdf)

Board-appointed Group Process (.pdf)

Volunteer Group Structure (.pdf)

2011 Appointment Process for Board-appointed Groups (.pdf)

2011-2012 Board-appointed Groups (.pdf)

Please note that the Board of Directors has coordinated its work in this area with the Governance Review Subgroup on the Board and the Core Group of the Task Force on Governance Review. In addition, APTA staff, in collaboration with the Board, is executing a communication plan designed to reach all key stakeholders in the volunteer group system.

Questions regarding APTA's volunteer group system may be directed to

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