Volunteer Groups: Vision Task Force


There are currently no vacancies for this group. Check back for future opportunities.


Members of this task force should be:

  • Representative of the House of Delegates, committees and components
  • Geographically and demographically diverse
  • Experienced serving APTA in a variety of capacities
  • Innovative thinkers, willing and able to challenge any approach
  • Strategic thinkers, able to see possibilities in complex situations
  • Informed on current strategic priorities and recent developments within APTA
  • Able to meet the time commitment required to participate (attend two 2-day meetings over the course of the initiative, participate in webinars and conference calls, and additional other work)
  • Able to participate productively in the process of group dialogue and decision-making (can advocate for own views and with the group consider alternatives to current thinking)
  • Able to review, make sense of, and consider data
  • Able to function as an effective ambassador for the revised vision and strategic plan

Term of Appointees

Appointees are asked to serve until task is complete.


For the period of January 1, 2013, to December 31, 2013, the Board of Director's determined charge for the PTOR Task Force is:

  1. Delve deeply into future issues and opportunities for the profession and association;
  2. Analyze key data;
  3. Offer guidance to the House and Board;
  4. *Engage in the design prototyping of future images of the profession;
  5. Collect input from component leadership, members, and external stakeholders; and,
  6. Prepare a new vision for consideration by the House at the June 2013 meeting.

*Forward design is a systematic and creative process for exploring an organization's current and future context, analyzing strategic issues and opportunities and inviting aspirations for design, and then using this learning to inspire innovative design solutions and prototypes for an organization's future.

All APTA appointed groups are asked to conduct their work with the Association's Organizational Values in mind and in the context of 1) APTA's mission, vision and strategic plan, and 2) the potential for their work to have implications related to physical therapist assistants, women, diversity, and risk management.

Additional Information

BOD Chair: William F. McGehee, PT, MHS
Staff Liaison: Janet Bezner, PT, PhD, vice president, governance & administration

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For additional information regarding this and other APTA volunteer opportunities, please contact Amber Neil in APTA's National Governance and Leadership Department at 800/999-2782, ext. 8184, or by e-mail at appointedgrouppool@apta.org.

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