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Miscellaneous General Equipment and Supplies

Home General Equipment and Supplies

AlterG Inc

Gait Training, Miscellaneous Ambulation/Mobility, Pediatric Mobility Devices

General Equipment and Supplies
Miscellaneous General Equipment and Supplies, Obesity, Special Equipment

Lifts/Transfer Devices
Miscellaneous Lifts/Transfer Devices

Orthoses/Shoes/Splints/Supports, General
Athletic Supports

Orthoses/Shoes/Splints/Supports, Lower Extremity
Miscellaneous Orthoses/Shoes/Splints/Supports, Lower Extremity

Miscellaneous Prostheses

Therapeutic Exercise/Intervention
Exercise Equipment, Exercisers, Leg, Miscellaneous Therapeutic Exercise/Intervention, Mobility Machines, Pediatric Rehabilitation Equipment
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48438 Milmont Dr
Fremont, CA 94538
Phone: 510/270-5894
Fax: 510/225-9399
Website: www.alterg.com
Introducing Anti-Gravity Therapy! Take partial weight-bearing therapy to a whole new level. Help you...more

Bailey Manufacturing Co

Cane Accessories, Canes - Quad, Crutch Accessories, Miscellaneous Ambulation/Mobility, Parallel Bars
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Assistive Devices
Miscellaneous Assistive Devices, Transfer Boards

Miscellaneous Cushions/Pads/Pillows/Protectors, Pillows, Wedge


General Equipment and Supplies
Cabinetry, Miscellaneous General Equipment and Supplies, Obesity, Special Equipment, Tables, Adjustable, Tables, Massage/Treatment

Miscellaneous Hydrotherapy, Tub Benches/Seats

Therapeutic Exercise/Intervention
Aquatic Exercisers/Equipment, Balance Beams/Boards, Exercise Equipment, Exercisers, Arm, Exercisers, Finger
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Work Injury Management
Work Conditioning, Work Hardening

118 Lee Street
Lodi, OH 44254-0130
Tollfree: 800/321-8372
Fax: 800/224-5390
Website: www.BaileyMfg.com
Bailey Manufacturing Company, one of the oldest companies in the rehabilitation field (1956), has be...more


Cold Therapy
Ice Packs, Reusable

Back Rests/Cushions, Miscellaneous Cushions/Pads/Pillows/Protectors, Pillows, Cervical, Pillows, Wedge

Anatomy Models, Continuing Education, Miscellaneous Education, Patient Instruction, Publications

Back Testing and Rehabilitation, Goniometers/Inclinometers

General Equipment and Supplies
Massagers, Miscellaneous General Equipment and Supplies, Tape

Heat Therapy
Hot Packs

Orthoses/Shoes/Splints/Supports, Neck and Trunk
Braces, Back, Lumbar Rolls, Supports, Back, Supports, Maternity, Supports, Sacral

Orthoses/Shoes/Splints/Supports, Upper Extremity
Braces, Arm, Supports, Hand, Supports, Wrist

Therapeutic Exercise/Intervention
Balance Beams/Boards, Biofeedback Instrumentation, Exercise Equipment, Exercise Software, Exercisers, All Body
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PO Box 47009
Minneapolis, MN 55343
Tollfree: 800/367-7393
Fax: 763/553-9355
Website: www.optp.com
OPTP is the premier supplier of quality fitness and rehabilitation products, as well as the latest e...more

Safe Patient Solutions

Miscellaneous Ambulation/Mobility

Assistive Devices
Miscellaneous Assistive Devices

General Equipment and Supplies
Ergonomically Designed Products, Miscellaneous General Equipment and Supplies

Lifts/Transfer Devices
Lifts, Transfer, Miscellaneous Lifts/Transfer Devices

Therapeutic Exercise/Intervention
Miscellaneous Therapeutic Exercise/Intervention

Work Injury Management
Miscellaneous Work Injury Management

7760 E State Rte 69, C5-363
Prescott Valley, AZ 86314
Phone: 928-301-3730
Fax: 888/973-7780
The ResQUp is an innovative assistive device designed by a doctor of physical therapy and certified ...more

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