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Exercisers, All Body

Home Therapeutic Exercise/Intervention

MediCordz® by NZ MFG Inc

Therapeutic Exercise/Intervention
Aquatic Exercisers/Equipment, Exercise Equipment, Exercisers, All Body, Exercisers, Arm, Exercisers, Leg
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412 Commerce St
Tallmadge, OH 44278
Tollfree: 800/886-6621
Fax: 330/634-0272
Website: www.nzmfg.com
NZ Manufacturing is a leader in high-quality resistance training and physical rehabilitation equipme...more


Cold Therapy
Ice Packs, Reusable

Back Rests/Cushions, Miscellaneous Cushions/Pads/Pillows/Protectors, Pillows, Cervical, Pillows, Wedge

Anatomy Models, Continuing Education, Miscellaneous Education, Patient Instruction, Publications

Back Testing and Rehabilitation, Goniometers/Inclinometers

General Equipment and Supplies
Massagers, Miscellaneous General Equipment and Supplies, Tape

Heat Therapy
Hot Packs

Orthoses/Shoes/Splints/Supports, Neck and Trunk
Braces, Back, Lumbar Rolls, Supports, Back, Supports, Maternity, Supports, Sacral

Orthoses/Shoes/Splints/Supports, Upper Extremity
Braces, Arm, Supports, Hand, Supports, Wrist

Therapeutic Exercise/Intervention
Balance Beams/Boards, Biofeedback Instrumentation, Exercise Equipment, Exercise Software, Exercisers, All Body
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PO Box 47009
Minneapolis, MN 55343
Tollfree: 800/367-7393
Fax: 763/553-9355
Website: www.optp.com
OPTP is the premier supplier of quality fitness and rehabilitation products, as well as the latest e...more


Isokinetic Exercise, Testing, Rehabilitation, and Screening

General Equipment and Supplies
Obesity, Special Equipment

Outcomes/Data Collection
Outcomes/Data Collection

Therapeutic Exercise/Intervention
Bicycles, Adapted, Bicycles, Ergometric, Bicycles, Exercise, Cardiac Rehabilitation, Exercise Equipment
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Work Injury Management
Ergonomic Equipment, Work Conditioning, Work Hardening

5151 S 110th E Ave
Tulsa, OK 74146
Tollfree: 800/278-3933
Fax: 918/359-2012
Website: www.scifit.com
SCIFIT provides commercial exercise equipment for physical therapy, cardiac rehab, older adults and ...more

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