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Traction Equipment

Home Traction

Mettler Electronics Corp.

Cold Therapy
Ice Packs, Reusable

Pillow Covers, Pillows, Cervical

Electrotherapeutic Modalities
Electrodes, Electrotherapy Equipment, Gels/Sprays, Interferential Therapy, Muscle Stimulators
. . . more
General Equipment and Supplies
Massagers, Tables, Adjustable, Tables, Massage/Treatment

Heat Therapy
Diathermy, Shortwave, Hot Packs

Therapeutic Exercise/Intervention
Balance Beams/Boards, Exercisers, Arm, Exercisers, Hand, Mats, Exercise, Weights, Wrist/Hand/Ankle

Cervical, Lumbar, Traction Equipment

Gels, Ultrasound Equipment

1333 South Claudina Street
Anaheim, CA 92805
Tollfree: 800/854-9305
Phone: 714-533–2221
Fax: 714/635-7539
Website: www.mettlerelectronics.com
Mettler Electronics manufactures and distributes a variety of quality electrotherapy, diathermy and ...more

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