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Bailey Manufacturing Co

Cane Accessories, Canes - Quad, Crutch Accessories, Miscellaneous Ambulation/Mobility, Parallel Bars
. . . more
Assistive Devices
Miscellaneous Assistive Devices, Transfer Boards

Miscellaneous Cushions/Pads/Pillows/Protectors, Pillows, Wedge


General Equipment and Supplies
Cabinetry, Miscellaneous General Equipment and Supplies, Obesity, Special Equipment, Tables, Adjustable, Tables, Massage/Treatment

Miscellaneous Hydrotherapy, Tub Benches/Seats

Therapeutic Exercise/Intervention
Aquatic Exercisers/Equipment, Balance Beams/Boards, Exercise Equipment, Exercisers, Arm, Exercisers, Finger
. . . more
Work Injury Management
Work Conditioning, Work Hardening

118 Lee Street
Lodi, OH 44254-0130
Tollfree: 800/321-8372
Fax: 800/224-5390
Website: www.BaileyMfg.com

Bailey Manufacturing Company, one of the oldest companies in the rehabilitation field (1956), has be. . . more

Bank of America

APTA-Endorsed Member Benefits
Business and Personal Credit Card Program

1100 N King St
Wilmington, DE 19884
Website: www.apta.org/benefits/financial

The personal and business credit cards offer competitive rates with great reward programs. The APTA . . . more

Biodex Medical Systems, Inc.

Gait Training, Miscellaneous Ambulation/Mobility

Back Testing and Rehabilitation, Dynamometers, Isolated Joint Exercise, Multi-Joint Testing, Musculoskeletal Testing and Rehabilitation

Therapeutic Exercise/Intervention
Bicycles, Ergometric, Bicycles, Exercise, Cardiac Rehabilitation, Treadmills, Wheelchair Exercise Systems

Work Injury Management
Work Injury Prevention

20 Ramsey Rd
Shirley, NY 11967-4704
Tollfree: 800/224-6339
Phone: 631/924-9000
Fax: 631/924-9338
Website: www.biodex.com/rehab

Biodex Medical Systems, Inc., leader in neuromuscular evaluation and therapeutic exercise, allows yo. . . more

BMS Practice Solutions

Business Management/Services
Apps, Billing Services, Miscellaneous Business Management/Services

1220 Dewey Way, Ste E
Upland, CA 91786
Tollfree: 800/478-2778
Website: www.bmspracticesolutions.com

With over 220 client practices in 42 states representing over 600 locations and over 1600 therapists. . . more


APTA-Endorsed Member Benefits
Car Rental Discounts

6 Sylvan Way
Parsippany, NJ 07054
Tollfree: 800-455-2848
Website: www.budget.com

APTA Members receive special savings and discounts on every rental! Save on daily, weekly, weekend, . . . more

BXL International Sales Inc.

Gait Training, Walkers, Wheeled

115 Castle Grove Road
Calgary, AB T3J 157
Tollfree: 800/267-3865
Fax: 800/267-3865
Website: www.bxlintl.com

BXL Steadymate Walker® Best designed walker for falling and injury prevention. Extremely benefici. . . more

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