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A July 'First' for the Board

APTA's Board of Directors continued its 2012 meeting schedule with its first face-to-face July meeting, just 6 weeks after the House of Delegates. This was new territory for everyone-seasoned Board members; new Board members, who hit the ground running; and me as your new president. Through the excellent work of a Board workgroup and APTA staff we had an energizing strategic planning session facilitated by Marsha Rhea, who many of you may remember from the visioning session held during the House in Tampa. We reached agreement on updates to the Strategic Plan that staff now will use to direct APTA's budget planning activities over the next several months in preparation for the fall meetings of both the Finance and Audit Committee and the Board.

We also held our fiduciary session that included an excellent presentation on the status of our association management services. We will continue our discussions on the direction of this area of association business as we consider how to best serve the needs of our components. I encourage you to read and comment on the News Now articles on the Strategic Plan updates and the discussion surrounding APTA's association management services.

In an effort to keep members more up to date on Board activities, I hope to use this blog to communicate the Board's actions and the various issues it discusses throughout the year. As always, please feel free to post your thoughts about the topics covered on this blog.

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