Guide to Physical Therapist Practice

Guide Revisions—May 2014, Update: The next edition of APTA's Guide to Physical Therapist Practice, 2nd Edition, (Guide2) will be less an "edition" and more a "version"—3.0 to be precise. The Guide to Physical Therapist Practice 3.0 is scheduled for release in August 2014. It will be electronic only, as the online links to outside and continually updated resources made it impossible for the Guide to be useful as a static printed book.

Especially for educators and students: No printed book means that all you need for your class work is the URL— As long as you access Guide 3.0 via the website you’ll have the most current version, semester after semester. APTA members—PTs, PTAs, and students—continue to have free access, and annual paid subscriptions are available to nonmembers.

If you have any questions, contact Lisa L. Culver, PT, DPT, MBA, senior specialist, clinical practice, department of practice and research, at or 800/999-2782, ext. 3172.

Until August 2014, APTA's Guide to Physical Therapist Practice 2nd Edition is online — no software to buy, no disk to install, no updates to download. You can access the entire contents of the former CD Interactive Guide to Physical Therapist Practice With Catalog of Tests and Measures on the website.

The online Guide is free to APTA members. Nonmembers can access the Guide by annual subscription.

Print Edition

The printed edition of the Guide has been discontinued.