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    Check out live dispatches from CSM 2018.

    Move Together Is Making A Difference

    Josh D'Angelo, PT, DPT, and Efosa Guobodia, PT, DPT, provide an update on Move Together’s mission to increase access to quality rehabilitation medicine around the corner and around the world.



    Evolution of Concussion Management

    Anne Mucha, PT, DPT, MS, discusses evolving practices around concussion management and the role of physical therapy.



    Students Making an Impact in Communities Large and Small

    Kristie Serrano, SPT, APTA Student Assembly Global Outreach Project Committee, tells us how students are giving back in large and small ways.



    Foundation for Physical Therapy: Marquette Challenge

    The Foundation for Physical Therapy’s Marquette Challenge student coordinators tell us what about this year’s challenge and how you can get involved.



    Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started My Clinical Rotations

    Zach Stearns, PT, DPT, is a new grad who wants to help current students successfully navigate through their clinicals.



    The Prehab Guys: Reinventing PT Online

    The founders of the Prehab Guys talk to us about how they got started, why they are doing this, and how they navigate life as social media standouts in the profession.



    PTs and Chronic Pain



    Therapy Cap: What Happened and What Happens Next?

    APTA Vice President of Government Affairs Justin Elliott breaks down the Therapy Cap vote and talks about what’s ahead.



    Low Back Pain Research

    Kenneth Harwood, PT, PhD, discusses research that studies whether unrestricted direct access to physical therapist services lowers utilization and health care costs for people with low back pain.



    Progress For PTs Doing Imaging

    Charles Hazle, PT, PhD, describes recent progress for physical therapists related to payment for sonography-related services.



    Blood Flow Restriction Training

    Johnny Owens, PT, MPT, and Stephania Bell, PT, discuss blood flow restriction training within physical therapy.



    Becoming Involved in Student Leadership

    APTA Student Assembly President Jeremy Curtis, SPT, on getting involved in APTA student leadership, growing as a leader while in school, and more.



    Jealousy in PT School

    Megan Mitchell, SPT, talks about experiencing jealousy in physical therapy school and how to cope with it.



    Student Involvement in Advocacy Efforts

    Students involved in professional advocacy efforts give us an update on National Advocacy Dinners, involvement, and more.



    Student Section Involvement

    Julie Jenner, PT, President of the Section on Women's Health SSIG, on why students should dive deeper into their sections of interests and how the Section on Women's Health SSIG has grown and sparked engagement.



    Student Involvement in the PT-PAC

    Ky Pak, SPTA, PT-PAC Liaison, tells us what the PT-PAC is and why it's important to be involved in advocacy and the PAC as students.



    Understanding the Value of "Value-Based Care"

    APTA's program director of quality, Heather Smith, PT, MPH, explains the evolution of value-based care and what PTs, PTAs, and students need to know.



    PTA Engagement Within APTA

    PTA Caucus chief delegate Amy Smith, PTA, BS, discusses how she wants to see physical therapist assistants get involved with APTA.



    #Step4Kids Challenge at CSM to Benefit Shoes4Kids

    If CSM attendees log 100 million combined steps, APTA will donate $10,000 to Shoes4Kids. #APTACSM



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