Orthopaedic Section Outstanding PT/PTA Student Award


  • To identify a student physical therapist and student physical therapist assistant (first professional degree) with exceptional scholastic ability and potential for contribution to orthopaedic physical therapy.
  • To provide the means for an exceptional student to attend and participate in a national meeting, with the intention that this exposure will encourage future involvement in Orthopaedic Section activities.


  • The nominee must be currently enrolled in a PT or PTA program.
  • The nominee must be a member of the Orthopaedic Section, APTA, Inc.

Criteria for Selection

  • The student shall excel in academic performance in both the professional and prerequisite phases of their educational program.
  • The student shall demonstrate exceptional nonacademic achievements, representing initiative, leadership, and creativity.
  • The student shall be involved in professional organizations and activities that provide the potential growth and contributions to the profession and orthopaedic physical therapy.

Procedure for Nomination

  • Any member of the Orthopaedic Section may nominate candidates for this award.
  • One (1) original set and five (5) duplicates of all materials submitted for each nomination must be received by the Program Coordinator at the Section office by November 1, for consideration for the award in the following year.
  • The materials submitted for each nomination shall include no more than five (5) letters of support as indicated below in the following order:
  • A support statement from the nominator, highlighting reasons for the nomination and clarifying the relationship between the nominator and nominee.
  • A support statement from two (2) faculty members in the educational program in which the nominee is enrolled.
  • Support statements from two (2) student colleagues. In addition to the above mentioned letters of support, please include: A resume and cover letter from the nominee detailing previous health care experiences, honors and awards, evidence of service activities, and participation in professional activities.
  • The nomination materials should document examples of how the nominee fulfills the criteria for this award.

Procedure for Review and Selection

  • Nomination materials shall be submitted to the Section office. The Section office will retain the original set of materials and will provide the Awards Committee with copies for their review.
  • The Awards Committee will review the nominations and recommend the most qualified candidate to the Executive Committee.
  • The award will be presented only if there are qualified candidates, and one is selected.
  • Nomination materials are considered the property of the Awards Committee, who will maintain their confidentiality.
  • Nomination materials will be not be returned. If any individual is not selected for the award in a given year, that individual may be nominated in a subsequent year. New nomination materials must be submitted in subsequent years.

Notification of Award

  • The Section President will notify the recipient by December 1st and obtain written confirmation of acceptance by December 15.
  • The nominators of individuals not selected will receive a letter thanking them for their participation and informing them of the award recipient.
  • The confidentiality of the Outstanding Student Award will be maintained until the recipient has been notified.

The Award and it's Presentation

  • The Orthopaedic Section will reimburse the recipient for round trip coach airfare from any site in the United States or Canada to the APTA Combined Sections Meeting, four days per diem, and conference registration.
  • The student will receive a certificate suitable for mounting.

Learn More

For more information, access http://www.orthopt.org/downloads/PTA_Award.pdf.

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