Innovation Summit: Viewing Parties

Innovation Summit: Collaborative Care Models, March 8, 2013, will bring together physical therapists, physicians, large health systems, and policy makers to discuss the current and future role of physical therapy in integrated models of care.

APTA is encouraging chapters, sections, and any other groups to host viewing parties. APTA will help chapters and sections in promoting their viewing parties by coordinating e-blasts, website announcements, and social media efforts. We hope to identify viewing parties that will be willing to get involved in the live event, offering opinions and asking questions through Skype, audio, and social media.

APTA will give out prizes to the viewing party with the most attendance and the viewing party that is most engaged!

Organizing a Viewing Party

Any APTA member can organize a viewing party. Whether it is through your facility, group practice, state chapter, section, or school, you will be encouraged to bring together your peers to watch the livestream of this event. You will need one paid registration to host an event.

If you are interested in organizing a viewing party, please e-mail this information to with the subject heading, "Innovation Summit Viewing Party."

As an organizer, you will be responsible for:

  • Ensuring your attendees participate in the Collaborative Care Models discussion forum prior to the event;
  • Creating a designation for your viewing party on Twitter;
  • Promoting your viewing party with the help of APTA;
  • Ensuring your attendees know how to use Twitter and are actively engaged on social media during the event;
  • Sending APTA a list of attendees and their e-mail addresses;
  • Taking a picture of your viewing party, sending it to APTA, and posting it on social media; and
  • Ensuring your attendees sign recording release forms if your viewing party chooses to Skype into the live event.

Viewing Party Deadlines

February 15, 2013: Deadline to sign up to host a viewing party and have APTA advertise for it (if you would like us to help you get the word out – this is optional)

February 21, 2013: Call with APTA for all viewing party hosts to discuss the exciting opportunities for viewing parties during the event (2:00 pm, ET)

March 6, 2013: Deadline to e-mail your: preliminary lists of attendees and your viewing party Twitter designation/handle

March 8, 2013: Innovation Summit: Collaborative Care Models event

March 15, 2013: Deadline to e-mail your final attendee list and a photo of your viewing party; deadline for your viewing party to show engagement on Twitter and the Collaborative Care Models Discussion Forum

Viewing Party Prizes

Winning viewing parties that have the most attendance and are the most engaged will receive prizes from APTA! Here's how to win:

Most Attendance: Promote your viewing party within your community and attract the most attendance. APTA will need a list of all attendees as well as a photo of your viewing party to verify the number of attendees. We encourage you also to post this photo to Twitter with our event hashtag, #PTSummit.

Most Engaged: APTA will look at engagement of the viewing parties prior to and during the event. Prior to the event, your viewing party can become engaged by participating in the Collaborative Care Models Discussion Forum as well as promoting the Innovation Summit through social media with the use of the hashtag #PTSummit. We will also look at the viewing party's creativity in its promotion of the virtual event and the viewing party. During the event, we will look at the number of questions posted, the amount of Twitter activity of your viewing party, and the number of posts to the discussion forum.

Attending a Viewing Party

Anyone can attend a viewing party without registering for the Summit. However, in order to obtain CEUs for the event, you must be registered.

Viewing Party Locations

If you're interested in attending a viewing party in one of these locations, please contact Gillian Russell at This list will be updated as the information becomes available.

Chapter Parties
Connecticut Chapter
Iowa Chapter (Des Moines)
Louisiana Chapter (Shreveport, New Orleans)
Massachusetts Chapter (Boston)
Missouri Chapter
New Hampshire Chapter (Lebanon)
North Dakota Chapter (Grand Forks)
Pennsylvania Chapter (Annville, Philadelphia)
Rhode Island (East Greenwich/Providence)

Parties Hosted by APTA Members Listed By State
Oakland, CA
Orange, CA
Ponoma, CA
San Francisco, CA
St. Augustine, FL
North Chicago, IL
University Park, IL
Detroit, MI
Troy, MI
Omaha, NE
Cape May Court House, NJ
Queensbury, NY
Asheville, NC
Elon, NC
Bryn Mawr, PA
Glenside, PA
Lansdowne, PA
Philadelphia, PA (in addition to chapter organized party)
Pittsburgh, PA
Las Vegas, NV
Chattanooga, TN
Galveston, TX
Houston, TX
Lynchburg, VA
Colchester, VT
Seattle, WA
Brookfield, WI


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