• October 2006


    A Gold Medal Team

    Seth Wescott won a gold medal for the United States at the 2006 Olympic Winter Games. That achievement required years of practice and conditioning…and rehabilitation after a serious injury. Physical therapy has played an important role.

    Evidence on the Clinic Floor

    Using evidence-based practice sometimes is easier said than done. These PTs, from a variety of settings, offer guidance on how to incorporate research and evidence into daily practice.

    APTA Connect

    Software for improved patient documentation and outcomes measurement.

    Helping Patients with Limb Loss

    Whether due to disease or trauma, people who lose limbs are motivated to get back to work and activities. Here’s how PTs can help make it happen.

    23 Emerging Leaders Recognized

    The purpose of the award is to identify and honor one physical therapist (PT) or physical therapist assistant (PTA) from each component who has demonstrated extraordinary service early in his or her physical therapy career.

    Physical Fitness for Special Populations

    APTA has embarked on a wide-ranging, multifaceted program to address the physical fitness needs of special populations.

    Columns and Departments

    Career Coach: Spreading Son Shine

    Ageless lessons from a very young source.

    Ethics in Action: Terminating the Patient-PT Relationship: Case Two

    What to do when greater independence for the patient poses risks?

    Fiscal Therapy: Employment Contract: The Tie That Binds

    In this, the second in a series of Fiscal Therapy columns on contracts, PT offers a primer on the document that formalizes the employer/employee relationship. An overview piece, “Contracts: Deal or No Deal?” was published in the July 2006 issue.

    Government Affairs: Educate, Advocate, and Participate

    The November elections offer PTs, PTAs, and PT and PTA students great opportunities to influence the make-up of the 110th Congress and raise awareness of the profession’s role in health care delivery. APTA resources make participation easy.

    Inside PT: A Youth-related Focus

    Many of today’s younger PTs will be tomorrow’s experts. And, in the years to come, they will be featured throughout PT Magazine. However, one of the missions of PT is to reflect the broad spectrum of physical therapy and those who provide its services. This month, a number of topics come together to give PT Magazine a distinctive youth-related focus.

    PTA Viewpoint: Providing Aid to Patients With AIDS

    Lessons learned and assistance rendered at a Texas clinic.

    This is Why: Summer of Loss and Gain

    A season in which everything and nothing changed.

    APTA Resources

    The Small Practice Advisor

    Foundation News

    - Foundation Announces 2006 Split Raffle Winners
    - Car Sweepstakes Features Mustang
    - Pittsburgh-Marquette Challenge Kicks Off at NSC


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