• October 2017


    Physical Therapy By Design

    Tara Jo Manal, PT, DPT, FAPTA, has no training whatsoever in construction, architecture, or interior design. She is, however, a seasoned physical therapist (PT), and she knows from experience how a physical therapy clinic should be built.

    Where Do You Want to Practice?

    Every state has much to offer physical therapists and physical therapist assistants. It may be quality of life. Employment opportunities. Regulatory and business friendliness. Or any of dozens of other features. Where you decide to practice depends on which factors mean the most to you. Here is PT in Motion's annual analysis of the criteria that may make a state attractive for physical therapy professionals.

    Follow the Leaders

    APTA annually honors Emerging Leaders—PTs and PTAs who are making outstanding contributions to the field of physical therapy early in their careers. Here's what some of them have been doing.

    Columns and Departments

    Compliance Matters: The Shift Toward Value-Based Payment

    For PTs, now is the time to prepare.

    Ethics In Practice: Not at Home With This Decision

    A PTA has questions about a patient's best interest and a PT's motivation.

    Defining Moment: Taking a Stand

    The power of stubbornness, physical therapy, and prosthetics.


    A friend of mine, knowing I enjoy reading about World War II history, recommended that I read author Daniel James Brown's The Boys in the Boat.1 Assuming that "boat" meant submarine or destroyer, I eagerly downloaded this book onto my e-reader … and discovered the world of crew—a rowing sport about which I knew very little!

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    ATI Physical Therapy Launches Patient Experience Mobile App

    Well to Do: Spare No Expanse

    Looking beyond the clinic for wellness-client options.