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    RockTape Introduces Topical Analgesics and OPTP Introduces New Travel Roller

    RockTape Introduces Topical Analgesics

    RockTape—a supplier of sports medicine products, services, and education—has redesigned its line of pain-relieving topical analgesics. RockSauce and RockSauce Chill—relief options for hot and cold pain, respectively—are available in roll-on form, 12-pack tabletop merchandisers, and clinical-sized 32-ounce pump tops.

    RockSauce contains 20% methyl salicylate, 10% menthol, and .002% capsaicin to deliver pain-alleviating warmth to muscles and joints, the manufacturer says. It can function as a stand-alone pain reliever or in conjunction with RockTape kinesiology tape. RockSauce's reported success led to the development of RockSauce Chill, a cooling gel containing 6% menthol. RockSauce Chill's active ingredient is said to work synergistically with inflammation-reducing ingredients such as arnica, green-tea, and aloe.

    OPTP Introduces New Travel Roller

    OPTP has expanded its options for portable foam rollers with the new LoRox Aligned Travel Roller. Its size—12" long and 4" in diameter—facilitates its use for travel or at a gym or studio. The moderate-density product is made from EVA foam. The roller has raised, circular bumps that, according to the manufacturer, aid in lymphatic drainage and decrease inflammation—the same features as in the original, full-length LoRox Aligned Roller, which is 36" in length and 6" in diameter.

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