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  • VA Proposes to Amend Regulations to Add Certain Service-connected Conditions Associated With TBI

    The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) published a proposed rule on December 10 to amend regulations regarding certain service-connected conditions associated with traumatic brain injury (TBI). Under the amendment, veterans who have a service-connected TBI and are also diagnosed with Parkinsonism, dementia (pre-senility, Alzheimer type), unprovoked seizures, hypopituitarism, or depression will have those diagnoses classified as service-connected secondary conditions if they manifest within 3 years of a moderate to severe TBI or within 12 months of mild TBI. Diseases related to hypothalamo-pitutitary changes must manifest within 12 months of moderate to severe TBI. This new service-connected diagnoses may impact disability status and related VA compensation.


    • if i was diagose with dementia on 1/11/13 how would this come in to play for me i was approved for the dementia

      Posted by eddie seigle on 6/7/2013 11:41 AM

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