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  • APTA Named 'Provider of the Month' by National MS Society

    APTA recently was chosen from more than 250 nationwide provider organizations to be the National Multiple Sclerosis Society's Nationwide Service Provider of the Month for November 2012. This award was developed in 2011 to show appreciation toward provider organizations and to ensure that they receive the attention they deserve for serving clients affected by multiple sclerosis (MS).

    The society promotes the Nationwide Service Provider of the Month in many ways across the organization:

    • A special bulletin is sent to the 35 information and referral specialists in the society's national call center to alert them of the provider and suggest they make appropriate referrals to the provider.
    • A special summary is sent to all programs staff at the society's 45 chapters to ensure they know of the provider and are referring applicable clients as appropriate.
    • The provider is featured as the Provider of the Month on the society's Facebook page, which has more than 136,000 followers. As of December 3, the post regarding APTA's selection as Provider of the Month garnered 112 likes, 5 shares, and 8 comments. 

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