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  • PTs Involved With Summer Olympics Urged to Contact APTA

    If you work with Olympic athletes and/or will be heading to London to serve on an Olympic team's medical staff, APTA wants to hear from you. During the 2012 Summer Olympic Games, APTA would like to spotlight member physical therapists (PTs) who have helped the nation's elite athletes prepare to compete on the world's biggest stage. Contact Erin Wendel, senior media relations specialist, by e-mail or phone at 703/706-3397 by Monday, May 28, for more details. APTA also intends to use this opportunity to promote the physical therapist's role in helping athletes of all ages and skill levels reach their goals by preventing and treating sports-specific injuries.


    • How about spotlighting the many PTs who volunteer as classifiers of physically disabled youth and adults in the many paralympic sports? This is done at the regional, national and international level. Without this classification, athletes could not compete and strive to reach the paralympics! Jeannie Senter

      Posted by Jeannie Senter on 5/25/2012 2:03 PM

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