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  • APTA Launches Online Managed Care Contracting Toolkit

    Physical therapists (PTs) should consider a number of details before contracting with payers, whether private or public. View APTA's new Managed Care Contracting Toolkit today to learn valuable information about joining a managed care plan, and securing and tracking contracts. A chapter on "doing the math" can help you decide which fee schedules, patient populations, and payment methodologies are best suited to your practice. The toolkit also breaks down the pros and cons of common methodologies that third-party payers use to pay for physical therapy services and offers information on negotiating contracts.   

    APTA's Payment and Practice Management Department created the member-only toolkit to help PTs make informed decisions about joining a provider network.


    • Found The Process of Transit Procurement very interested and our dept. would be very interested in getting a microsoft friendly copy of the Appendix A - Procurement Process Overview to modify for our agency use. Pam Cach Trimet Procurement Dept 503.962.3024 cachp@trimet.org

      Posted by Pam Cach on 11/16/2012 2:57 PM

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