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  • Numerous APTA Ethics Resources Available

    APTA offers a multitude of ethics resources that can significantly inform practitioners. Resources include an online course, Information on APTA’s Revised Code of Ethics for the Physical Therapist and Standards of Ethical Conduct for the Physical Therapist Assistant, available through APTA’s Learning Center. The non-CEU version is free for members. In addition, ethics decision-making tools are available and include a PT in Motion Ethics in Practice article reflecting on its 6-year anniversary. These articles explore a variety of ethical scenarios on topics such as reimbursement, confidentiality, discharging patients, gifts, professional integrity, and professional behavior. The Ethics and Professionalism webpage includes the core ethics documents and resources on professionalism. Extensive information also is available on the Resolving Complaints or Disputes and Legal Topics of Interest to PTs and PTAs webpages. Use and review of these regularly updated ethics resources is strongly encouraged.

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