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  • Special Communication: MPPR and Sequestration Cuts Effective April 1

    Members should look for an e-mail from APTA today explaining 2 critical changes that will affect the physical therapy profession on April 1. APTA has been developing resources to help you prepare for the policies that will be implemented on April 1, so it's imperative that you read the message and review the online information available from the links.


    • Sadly, I am reminded of how unsuccessful my professional association has been in focusing on our "independent" future.... was not that the core of our "2020 vision?" Instead the focus has been on elevating PT's to Doctorate status, forgeting all the while that reimbursement levels remain flat regardless if the treatment was delivered by a BS, MS, OR Doctorate. Furthermore, along with all but abandoning the quest to eliminate POPTS, our greatest hurdle to cross in order to achieve our "2020 vision" of autonomy. Now, as I consider whether my practice will have to drop Medicare in order that my doors will remain open another couple years (after 17 years to date)to likely close eventually d/t lack of effective reimbursement lobbying efforts by my association,(and yes, I have made ongoing financial contributions as well as my membership dues) and the growing presence of POPTS on all sides of my practice. So Thx for the e-mail helping me to navigate the upcoming April 1 Medicare changes, have been working on this for months. best, Kendal B. Blaser, PT Blaser Physical Therapy, Inc Warrenton, Va.

      Posted by Kendal B. Blaser, PT Private Practice Owner on 3/29/2013 7:07 PM

    • Kendal, Great comments. Telling APTA what you need is a great step toward effective change.

      Posted by Sean on 4/15/2013 2:00 PM

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