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  • PTNow Blog: A Good Guideline That Could Be Better

    Is it about time interdisciplinary practice guidelines got a little more guidance from physical therapists (PTs)?

    That's one of the questions asked in the latest PTNow blog, which discusses the idea that even when a guideline is accurate and useful for PTs, direct PT involvement in its development can only make it better.

    Case in point: the American Academy of Neurology (AAN) concussion guideline now being reviewed for inclusion in CPG+, the APTA initiative that evaluates and rates externally developed practice guidelines using a team of PT experts. The CPG+ team provides a guideline rating, highlights, and “Check Your Practice” tips.

    The AAN guideline fares well—and is even declared a "must read" by 1 reviewer—but the fact that PTs weren't involved in its creation leads to bigger questions.

    Check out the PTNow blog, consider the questions, and join the conversation.

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