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  • Making Vision Happen: Board Seeks Member Input on Making APTA Vision a Reality

    APTA's vision for the physical therapy profession—transforming society by optimizing movement to improve the human experience—is broad and ambitious, to be sure. But it's also achievable. Getting there, however, will require strong member engagement to truly make that vision a reality, and a big opportunity for just that kind of engagement is now available.

    As part of its effort to align the 2015 APTA strategic plan to the association's vision, the APTA Board of Directors is asking for direct member input on the guiding principles that accompany the vision, as well as reactions to the association's definition of "movement system," a term used frequently throughout the vision's guiding principles.

    Members are encouraged to review the APTA vision webpage, then complete an online feedback form with their ideas on services, products, or activities that the association could provide or engage in to support the guiding principles—note that the form accommodates feedback for 1 principle at a time, so to comment on more than 1, members can fill out and submit the form multiple times. The form also asks for feedback on whether the association's definition and use of "movement system" is sufficient, and how the term might directly relate to practice, education, and research.

    Deadline for participation is August 11. For more information, contact vision@apta.org.


    • This is as ambitious as it is timely and necessary. Here is my hope that every member sends in feedback on defining and constructing our future. Well done APTA BOD and all who crafted this!

      Posted by Julie Schwertfeger on 7/11/2014 12:47 AM

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