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  • Can't Seem to Face Up to the Facts? Try This Psycho(metric) Killer Blog

    Choosing appropriate tests and measures is a crucial component of evidence-based practice. But not all measurements are reliable—and even when they are, the test or measure might not have validity for certain uses or types of patients.

    Reliable? Valid? That's where psychometrics come in, via the PTNow blog.

    The latest PTNow blog takes readers through the third installment of its primer to understanding how tests and measures are tested and measured by tackling validity, a multifaceted concept that aims to find out if a given measure is measuring what it's supposed to, how well, and for which populations.

    Too complicated, you say? Nope. The blog is written with the uninitiated in mind as well as for those who could use a brush-up, and uses real-life examples to illustrate major points. Check it out—it's a validating experience.

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