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  • PT Recruitment Video Also a Great Reminder

    The life of a physical therapist (PT) can be frustrating and exhausting to be sure—that's why every now and then it's good to take a couple of minutes to slow down and think about why you joined the profession in the first place.

    And if you need some reminders, APTA has you covered.

    Now available on the association's YouTube channel—a short video featuring PTs talking about why they chose their profession. Technically, it's a student recruitment video that you could share with anyone considering the profession, but it's also a great way for an experienced PT to recharge.

    PTs featured in the video offer lots of reasons for their professional choice, ranging from their own childhood experiences with physical therapy, to the ways the profession blends exercise and science, to the opportunities to do real good for people in need. Their reasons are diverse, but they share an obvious love for what they do.

    Check it out, and maybe get reacquainted with your own passion for physical therapy.

    For even more inspiration, read or listen to members’ accounts of their personal passion for physical therapy in “Defining Moment,” PT in Motion magazine’s recurring column. Find them in the PT in Motion archives of every issue (titled “This Is Why” prior to June 2014), and as APTA podcasts.


    • I watched the video of PTs why they chose PT as their profession. I have been member of the APTA since 1976 and I am offended by this video. The racial and ethnic diversity is so over done that it looks like you need to be a person of color to be a PT. It is obvious and does not represent the profession fairly. If we are all equal then lets represent it that way.

      Posted by Rick Schurman on 8/4/2014 9:10 AM

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