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  • Next PT in Motion Magazine Cover Is Up to You

    Once again, PT in Motion magazine is letting members decide which design will adorn the upcoming issue. For October, editorial staff is proposing 3 designs and asking members to vote on their favorite cover to illustrate our annual edition of the "Best States for PT Practice." The design that receives the most votes will be the next cover.

    Take the quick and simple survey by September 8. Just pick the design you think is likely to get you to open up the magazine, and then check out the October issue to feel the dizzying vindication as a finger-on-the-pulse design pro—or the edifying loneliness of the genius whose artistic vision is woefully under-appreciated, depending on how the voting turns out, of course.


    • I'm a map-ophile (a vanishing breed in today's GPS-dominated environment), so cover A is my choice. I also think it best introduces the main topic because it illustrates the actual geography. Maybe include a dart and let readers throw it at the map to see if they can hit one of the best states? Thanks!

      Posted by Charles D. Ciccone on 9/5/2014 7:47 AM

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