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  • CPG Development Proposals Due September 15

    APTA will provide financial and training support for the development of clinical practice guidelines (CPGs) for physical therapist practice, but proposals need to be submitted by September 15 to be considered in this review cycle.

    Proposals for CPG development must focus on clinical practice areas that are important and relevant to the practice of physical therapy, and be supported and submitted by an APTA section. Each proposal will be considered individually, and awards of up to $10,000 may be granted based on the relevance to practice and the strength of the proposal.

    The support program is part of an initiative to provide structure, process, and resources for the development of CPGs that enable the translation of research into physical therapist (PT) practice. The CPG development project is part of a larger association goal to better enable PTs to consistently use evidence-based best practice to improve the quality of life of their patients and clients.

    Proposals for the current review cycle are due September 15. For more information or for a copy of the proposal submission document, contact Anita Bemis-Dougherty, director, Practice Department, at anitabemis-dougherty@apta.org or call 800/999-2782, ext 3176.

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