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  • PTNow Blog: Fall for One and One for Fall?

    Been waiting for that "singular test that will, with 100% accuracy, predict who will fall?"

    Keep waiting.

    According to the latest PTNow blog, no such test exists—which is why sound clinical judgment and careful matching of patient to test are critical. There are good falls risk tests out there, according to the blog, but they need to be used appropriately.

    And yet, the blog argues, even if no single test can do the trick, there may be a "magic elixir for falls prevention" after all. Check out the blog for the recipe, and join the conversation.


    • I have used the single leg balance test for all patients over 50 for initial evaluation - for any diagnosis or problem - - and for any others felt to be a potential fall risk - for decades because experience has shown me that inability to balance on one leg for at least 10 seconds will strongly correlate with at least a moderate fall risk indicator. And other balance tests will show positive fall risk indications. So for me, I can quickly determine a patient's potential fall risk at the beginning of the evaluation process.

      Posted by H. Budlow on 9/12/2014 10:32 PM

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