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  • November PT in Motion Cover? You Decide

    When it comes to deciding on art for PT in Motion magazine, APTA members have it covered.

    It's time once again for members to help PT in Motion magazine decide the design to be used on the cover of the upcoming issue. For November, editorial staff is proposing 2 designs and asking members to vote on their favorite cover to illustrate the concept of physical therapy across the lifespan The design that receives the most votes will be the next cover.

    Take the quick and simple survey by October 1. Just pick the design you think is likely to get you to open up the magazine, and then check out the November issue to see which cover was most popular.


    • I think the picture of the baby hand and the grandma hand is precious! You are seeing both ends of the spectrum and the title fills in the gaps. I think with the three arms the older one doesn't really look that old, and the little bandaid on the young arm doesn't make sense- we don't treat cuts. The kid could have had a weighted ball in their hand or something as we do weight training now with kids with cerebral palsy. Being a therapist who has specialized in both pediatrics and geriatrics I was totally touched by the hands picture and honestly miffed by the second picture.

      Posted by Suzanne Kay on 9/29/2014 8:52 PM

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