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  • Rethinking Rehab's Role in Infectious Disease Response: 'Narrow the Gap' Interview With Mike Landry

    Michel Landry, BScPT, PhD, knows a thing or 2 about responding to health crises around the world—it's knowledge you tend to pick up when you've spent more than 20 years working with people in need, from Bosnia to Haiti.

    Along with coauthors Sudha R. Raman, Kai Kennedy, PT, DPT, Janet Prvu Bettger, and Dawn Magnusson, PT, PhD, Landry used that insight to look at reassessing the role of rehabilitation in responding to infectious disease, using the recent Zika virus outbreak as a springboard. That article appeared as a "Point of View" in the March 2017 issue of Physical Therapy, APTA's science journal.

    The article drew attention for its call for a more comprehensive approach to infectious disease outbreaks, and, recently, PT in Motion News caught up with Landry to dive deeper into the issue. A transcript of the conversation with Landry has now been published in the association's "Narrow the Gap" blog series.

    “You save people’s lives [when responding to a disaster or disease crisis]," Landry says in the interview. "But they also live with spinal cord injuries, massive burns, amputations. We have to be as concerned with the long-term consequences and quality of life among those people who survive, just as much as the kids and the adults who survived an infection. And that’s where the overlap between rehabilitation, global public health, and infectious disease has to start to advance our consciousness here. … We owe it, I believe, morally and ethically, to those survivors to gain some sort of quality of life.”

    Read the full Q-and-A on the "Narrow the Gap" blog.

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