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  • New Webpage Maps APTA's Coalition Connections

    "Better together"—the idea that more gets done when everyone's pulling in the same direction—has been a key theme within APTA for a few years now. But the association extends that idea far beyond its own members and components, and now you need look no further than a new APTA webpage for proof.

    Now available at APTA.org: a new resource that lists the coalitions, alliances, and other shared interest groups in which the association participates to help highlight important issues and bring the profession's voice to the table. The listings are grouped as "advocacy," "payment," and "practice," and include links to the coalitions themselves whenever possible.

    It's not a short list. As of the publication of the page, APTA lists no fewer than 30 groups in which it has involvement, including the Therapy Cap Coalition, the Coalition to Preserve Rehabilitation, the Disability and Research Rehabilitation Coalition, the Joint Commission, and the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, to name a few.

    The association's involvement in shared interest groups has played a significant role in some clear gains for patients and the physical therapy profession, including the Alliance for Integrity in Medicare Coalition's work in debunking of the "improvement standard" myth brought to light through the Jimmo v Sibelius settlement agreement, and the National Physical Activity Plan Alliance efforts to focus attention on the importance of physical activity as a way to improve public health.

    Want more information on APTA's involvement in other groups? Email advocacy@apta.org or practice@apta.org.


    • I’m a 62 yo female PT. I’ve been on disability for a few years because of cervical injuries sustained while working solely with pediatrics in out-PT for the last seven yrs that I worked. I’ve maintained my license bc i’d Like to participate in my field in some way. I don’t know how many hours I’d be able to work and would prefer 3days or less per week or Prn. I haven’t been able to find a clinical setting that would be the least strenuous. I’m willing to just volunteer. If anyone has any suggestions please advise. Otherwise I will have to give up my license because of costs/fees and ceu’s. I hate to waste all of the knowledge I have worked so hard for. Thanks

      Posted by Joan Burga on 12/6/2017 6:33 PM

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