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  • #PTTransforms Blog: Keeping the Patient at the Center of Pain Management

    Although APTA’s recent “Beyond Opioids” panelists were diverse in experience and profession—including patient advocacy, health care provision, government, and business—several common themes arose around pain management. A new #PTTransforms blog post goes beyond the opioid statistics to highlight patient-centered strategies suggested by the guests.

    Several participants urged improved provider-patient communication, including patient advocate Joan Maxwell, who was prescribed opioids after each of 9 surgeries, without a single discussion about the risks and alternatives. In a Washington Post/Kaiser Family Foundation survey, only 65% of respondents said their doctor talked with them about the possibility of addiction when prescribing the drugs, and only 62% received education from their physician about other ways to manage pain.

    Read the full blog post here, and keep an eye out for upcoming posts on a variety of topics.

    APTA’s award-winning #ChoosePT awareness campaign focuses on physical therapy as a safe alternative to opioids for pain management. To learn more, visit the association’s consumer website, www.MoveForwardPT.com/ChoosePT/.

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