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  • PTs From the US Selected to Speak at International Physical Therapy Congress

    A total of 13 physical therapists (PTs) from the US will be among the main speakers at the World Confederation for Physical Therapy (WCPT) Congress to be held in Geneva May 10–13, 2019.

    The American PTs will contribute to focused symposia on a wide range of topics including education research, the application of evidence to individual patients, improving mobility of hospital patients, big data, cancer survivor rehabilitation, and diversity in physical therapy. Each focused symposium is organized by a convener who leads an international group of speakers through linked research-focused presentations. A complete list of all symposia is available at the WCPT Congress website.
    "There were some very difficult choices; however, we are proud to present the focused symposia that we believe represent the best possible combinations of a range of timely topics with relevance to clinicians, educators and researchers, delivered by excellent speakers from all over the world," said WCPT International Scientific Committee Chair Charlotte Häger in a press release.
    Details about the symposia and the program for WCPT Congress 2019 may be found at the WCPT congress webpage.

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