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  • Get Involved With APTA: 5 'Light Lift' (and Fun) Opportunities

    Maybe you've been thinking about getting more involved with APTA, but worry about the time commitment. Maybe committee service just isn't your thing. Maybe you have a story you've been dying to share with members. Maybe you just want to dip your toe in the involvement pool before diving in later.

    APTA's got you covered.

    Earlier this year the association launched APTA Engage, a comprehensive volunteer portal that makes it easy to find and apply for a wide range of volunteer opportunities—including some "light lift" options.

    Here are 5 suggestions for easy (and fun) participation in APTA.

    PT in Motion Asks…
    In July, PT in Motion magazine rolls out a new feature called "PT in Motion Asks…" that highlights member responses to various questions—why not submit yours?

    Share Your Volunteer Story
    Maybe you've volunteered with APTA in the past—so share your thoughts! The APTA Engage webpage includes a rotating "Volunteer Spotlight" that focuses on members' experiences with the association—all based on their answers to a few questions.

    Tell Your APTA Love Story
    The easiest volunteer opportunity yet. Tell APTA about the moment you fell in love with your association in 300 words or fewer, along with a photo of yourself making one of those 2-handed heart shapes (you know what we're talking about), and your love story could be posted in the APTA social media feed. Can you feel the love?

    Shoes4Kids (limited time offer!)
    If the shoe fits, donate it: the community service initiative, led by Brad Thuringer, PTA, that provides new athletic shoes and socks to local kids during APTA national meetings. Check out the APTA Engage description of the program to find out how easy it is to contribute (Shoes4Kids accepts money, as well as actual shoes and socks, btw), but hurry: the current initiative wraps up at the 2019 APTA NEXT Conference and Exposition in Chicago, June 12-15. (Tip: you don't have to attend NEXT to participate.)

    APTA Student Pulse blog
    This one's a little more involved, but a great opportunity for physical therapy students and new graduates to share insights: APTA's Student Pulse blog series is one of the association's most dynamic and popular offerings, and is always on the lookout for potential contributors. Add "published author" to your list of accomplishments.

    Ready for more?
    APTA Engage isn't just a place for short-term opportunities—it's also your connection to longer-term involvement in your profession at national and component levels. And those opportunities aren't limited to groups within the association, because APTA also nominates individuals to serve on the committees and advisory panels of federal agencies. Find out more at the APTA Engage pages on Federal Committees and Advisory Panels and the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission.

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