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  • APTA Helps You Spread the ChoosePT Message During National Physical Therapy Month

    It's October, which means one thing: you’re itching to get out into the community and promote your profession during National Physical Therapy Month (NPTM). But where to begin?

    As shared in an earlier PT in Motion News story, there are multiple ways to participate in this year's NPTM and deliver the message that physical therapy is effective for a wide range of conditions including pain. But you can't be everywhere at once—that's why it's a good idea to load up on handouts and share graphics that help spread the word.

    APTA has you covered. Just stop by our ChoosePT Toolkit webpage to browse a collection of free downloadable resources that help you get out the NPTM message. Here are a few examples:

    Handouts. Boot up your printer and create your own supply of flyers that make the case for physical therapy. Handout topics include an explanation of PTs and the benefits of physical therapy, how physical therapy is a safe alternative to opioids for pain management, questions to ask your health care provider about pain management, the APTA pain profile, and a handout on what PTs and PTA s need to know about the opioid epidemic.

    Postcards and signs. It's easy to produce professional-looking NPTM postcards and signs. Just take 1 of the files on the toolkit webpage to your local professional print/copy store, and they'll take it from there. Options include 11x17-inch posters and 5x7-inch postcards, such as this one available in available in English and Spanish.

    Social media graphics. APTA offers 5 different easy-to-download graphics that you can use on Facebook, Twitter, and anywhere else you make your social media mark. Some of the messages are focused on pain treatment and opioids, while others promote physical therapy as a wise overall health choice.

    Just in time for NPTM: APTA has refreshed the ChoosePT brand and consumer website in ways that promote physical therapy as an effective option for much more than pain management. We've also launched an improved Find a PT database that helps patients connect with local PTs. Be sure to update your Find a PT profile and help consumers choose physical therapy—and you.

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