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The Jack Walker Award honors an author or team whose published study in Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Journal (PTJ) presents novel and innovative research related to patient care and advance clinical science, as it pertains to the physical therapy profession.

Eligibility Requirements

All reports relating to clinical practice authored and published in Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Journal (PTJ) during the current year are eligible. Primary authors of reports who were students at the time of publication are eligible, provided that the studies were not undertaken for any obligatory academic or degree requirements. All types of journal reports related to clinical practice are eligible, including case reports, clinical perspectives, technical reports, updates, and research reports which have meaningful impact on clinical practice. Special series reports and invited literature reviews are also eligible.

First authors of eligible papers must have been an APTA member at the time of the manuscript's publication and at the time of nomination. First authors need not have been an APTA member at the time of data collection and manuscript preparation.

Candidates can be eligible for either the Jack Walker Award or Chattanooga Research Award for a given article; the same article may not be nominated for both of the awards.

Criteria for Selection

The article should:

  • Make an important contribution to the understanding of clinical practice and patient care, or illuminate issues related to patient care and advance the clinical science underlying physical therapy practice and can be judged primarily on the basis of its impact on clinical practice;
  • Provide information that can assist others in delivering physical therapy services; and
  • Contain clear descriptions of clinical procedures or approaches that can be understood by others, and contains supportive rationales for, and experiences with, the procedure or approaches used.

Note: If a paper has multiple authors, each author who is eligible for the award will be considered a corecipient of the award.

What Recipients Receive

A plaque and a monetary award of $1,000 with be presented to the author(s) by APTA's Board of Directors at an APTA national event and an official announcement will appear in an association publication. (Note: In the case of multiple eligible authors, the monetary award will be divided equally.)

Submission Requirements

During the online submission process, the following documents will be required for upload:

Submit a Nomination

The nominations call for the 2022 Honors and Awards program are now closed. Selected recipients will be notified of receipt of the honor or award in May 2022.

Additional Resources

For questions regarding the nomination process or the award, please contact