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This position leads staff for the Public Affairs unit and a member of the APTA senior team; provides strategy, insight, and value to organizational priorities with focus on public engagement strategy for Association; serves and supports the APTA Board of Directors, appointed and member volunteer groups, key external stakeholders, and the CEO; is accountable for the Association’s adherence and compliance with LD-2 (quarterly), LD-203 (semi-annual), FEC Form 3X (monthly), and IRS 1120-POL (annually); ensures compliance, risk management and best practices for the Association; leads staff to direct Association priorities in the following areas: Public Affairs, Government Affairs, Policy and Regulatory Affairs, Insurer Relations, Public Relations, Grassroots Management, Lobbying and Advocacy, Partnerships, Payment Reform, APTA's PTPAC Management, Public and Media Relations, and State Affairs.

Principle Functions

  • Leads public engagement strategy for the Association
  • Advances and accountable for meeting performance expectations and metrics for unit, respective departments and budget activities
  • Accountable for compliance as outlined below including timely submission of all required forms
  • Accountable for staff management and appraising staff performance in the unit, including directly supervising and coaching staff, recruitment and retention of team members and ensuring morale, engagement, and participation in the workplace
  • Advances operations within the unit to gain efficiencies, grow revenue, and provide stewardship of association resources.
  • Advances quality assurance and continuous quality/performance improvement in unit activities, including annual assessments of respective budget activities described above.
  • Advances the Senior Team in the implementation of the Association’s programs, priorities, and projects.
  • Leads appointed and volunteer groups (Public Policy and Advocacy Committee, PTPAC, PTPAC Board of Trustees, State Legislative Chairs, Federal Affairs Liaisons, RUC/HCPAC Representatives, APTA Media Corps) in partnership with Board chair and staff colleagues.
  • Accountable to ensuring data is collected, shared and aligned with the APTA data strategy within respective budget activities.
  • Provides strategic insight, counsel, data and intelligence to executive leadership and the Board of Directors on best practices related to the work of the Government Affairs, Policy and Regulatory Affairs, Insurer Relations, and Public Relations through briefings, reports and presentations.
  • Advances and fosters external relationships with thought leaders, stakeholder organizations and entities for partnership, strategic counsel, insight and business opportunities which align with Senior Team, the APTA brand, and organizational priorities.

Primary Compliance Accountabilities

  • LD-2 (quarterly)
  • LD-203 (semi-annual)
  • FEC Form 3X (monthly)
  • IRS 1120-POL (annually) 


  • Bachelor's Degree
  • 10-15 years experience in government relations and advocacy with state and federal governments
  • Strong understanding of health care payment and payor relations
  • Strategic thinker able to recommend and execute organizational strategies
  • Staff leadership and supervision
  • Budget planning and implementation
  • Strong public speaking ability
  • Written Communication Skills

How to Apply

Apply Online

Equal Opportunty Employer
Principals Only. Position is located in Alexandria, VA.