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Student members have a voice in their association.

You don't need to be a member of the student board of directors to lead our association forward.

There are multiples ways to get involved. The application and election process for 2023 national student leadership has begun — nominate someone or apply by July 22.

Student Representation

Student members are represented within the association by the Student Board of Directors, which includes two nonvoting delegates who participate in APTA’s House of Delegates.

Student Assembly Board of Directors

The Student Board of Directors is made up of 10 members who serve one-year terms: president, vice president, secretary, director of communications, director of membership, director of SPTA relations, student PT delegate, nominating committee chair, nominating committee chair-elect and nominating committee member. The nominating committee chair-elect becomes the nominating committee chair for the following year, so this person serves on the student board for two years. Student elections are held electronically once per year, with all APTA student members eligible to vote.

Access more on the Student Board elections process.

Core Ambassadors

Core ambassadors are volunteer APTA members who serve as a link between the Student Board of Directors and student members in their state. There is one core ambassador per state who is responsible for sharing communications and encouraging engagement.

Student Assembly Liaisons

Student Assembly liaisons are volunteer APTA members who represent student members and the student board with designated groups.

Project Committees

Student project committees are established as needed by the student board to advance key student initiatives in support of the board. Each project committee includes one or two chairs and approximately five-to-seven members who are appointed through an annual application process.

Student Special Interest Groups

Some APTA chapters and sections have student special interest groups to increase involvement.