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The student board represents and engages with APTA student members, who constitute the Student Assembly.

As of 2020, elections for the Student Assembly Board of Directors are held electronically once per year, with all APTA student members eligible to vote.

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2019-2020 Student Board

Kelvin Lorenzo Rivera, SPT
Email the President

Vice President
Kayla Harris, SPT
Email the Vice President

Phuong-Thao "Alex" Nguyen, SPT
Email the Secretary

Director of Membership
G. William James, SPT
Email the Director of Membership

Director of Communications
Yusra Iftikhar, SPT
Email the Director of Communications

Director of SPTA Relations
Scotlyn Gamboa, SPTA
Email the PTA Delegate

Student PT Delegate
James "Mitch" Lane, SPT
Email the PT Delegate

Nominating Committee Chair
Jake Raecker, SPT
Email the Nominating Committee Chair

Nominating Committee Chair-elect
Gustavo Martinez, SPT
Email the Nominating Committee Chair-Elect

Nominating Committee Member
Kaitlyn Mital, SPT
Email the Nominating Committee Member