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The Student Board of Directors is elected from a slate of candidates developed by the student Nominating Committee.

Student elections are held electronically once per year, with all APTA student members eligible to vote.

View the 2022-2023 slate of candidates.

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Eligibility and Application Process

To be eligible to serve on the student board of directors, you must be an APTA member for at least three months. Prior leadership or management experience is helpful, but not required.

Explore the position descriptions to learn more about the qualifications and shared responsibilities of this student leadership group.

The student nominating committee, part of the student board, fosters activities throughout the year to maintain and promote a pool of diverse nominees. They attempt to create a slate of candidates with at least two eligible members per open position on the student board of directors.

The composition of the student board will change this year to begin building a sustainable framework for the student board to function as a team to promote, engage, connect, and advocate. The student board will work together to educate prospective and current students on the value of membership, help APTA staff to enhance and promote priority initiatives and to develop smart and relevant content for social media, and pursue future candidates who are interested in serving on the student board.

Elected members of the board serve as ambassadors to all student members and work toward APTA's mission to build a diverse and inclusive community that advances the profession and improves the health of society.

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