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 This program is currently being evaluated and not available to CCIP Level 1 applicants. Updates will be posted here as they become available.

If you feel confident that you possess the skills and experience to successfully complete the assessment center only, you may ask to take only the assessment to obtain the CCIP Level 1 credential.

Price: Pricing available through course contact.
CEUs: .4 CEUs*
Note: Attending the entire Level 1 course and Assessment Center provides up to 1.6 CEUs*.


Taking the Assessment Only

There are specific outcome criteria against which experienced CIs may assess themselves to determine their readiness to complete the Assessment Center without taking the Level 1 course.

  • Select a course and contact the course trainer. Notify the trainer of your intention to take only the Assessment Center. The trainer will make the determination of your ability to take the assessment based on your experience.
  • Register and pay for the course.
  • Coordinate with the trainer to schedule and take the assessment.

NOTE: Trainers working with someone who is taking only the assessment need to contact the CCIP staff at least 2 weeks in advance so the participant can receive a manual ahead of time in order to study.

Participants who choose to only take the assessment without the didactic portion of the course and are approved by a trainer must be knowledgeable in all the criteria listed below to successfully complete the six stations of the Assessment Center. Participants are still required to register online and submit a payment.

The experienced CI must demonstrate:

  • Knowledge of and experience with the management of the "exceptional" student.
  • Effective communications in a variety of situations, including those involving conflict.
  • Clear definitions for student readiness, and plan and conduct relevant learning experiences.
  • Clear formative and summative documentation of information on student performance.
  • Ability to apply the principles of teaching and learning in the instructional process.
  • Flexibility in supervisory approach based on students' need.
  • Knowledge of legal issues and federal regulations related to clinical education.

If the participant does not successfully complete the Assessment Center, they will be encouraged by the trainer to register and complete the Level 1 course and Assessment Center to receive credentialing. Should the participant choose to take the Level 1 course, they must register for a course and pay the course fee again.

*Note: Licensees should verify with their state licensing board for acceptance of CEUs by reviewing the relevant state practice act and/or administrative code.

er provides up to 1.6 CEUs*.

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