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Students from academic programs across the country compete by participating in advocacy  activities, documenting their experiences, and submitting the records to APTA's Congressional  Affairs department.  Scores are tallied based on the point values listed below.  The winner is announced at the annual National Student Conclave. The winning academic program will be honored with the opportunity to select an individual from APTA staff or the APTA Board of Directors to speak about advocacy issues at their school.

2019-2020 Challenge

Your Mission

Student Advocacy Challenge 2019-2020

As PT and PTA students, involvement in advocacy on the state and federal level is important. You will learn more about the legislative process that directly impact the issues facing physical therapy in the legislature. You will be able to engage directly with elected officials and help APTA form relationships to further our advocacy program.

Student Advocacy Challenge Rules

Advocacy reports must be submitted by each individual using the Student Advocacy Challenge Record online form.

Each year, at National Student Conclave, the winners of the Student Advocacy Challenge will be introduced and the Challenge for the next year will be kicked off.

The deadline to submit activities is September 30. Reports received after September 30 will count toward the next year's Challenge.

Only the listed advocacy activities will be scored.

Other situations are at the discretion of APTA Government Affairs staff on a case-by-case basis.

How Activities Are Scored

  • Writing an email via APTA's Legislative Action Center:  3 points
    (maximum points per program for letters is 150 points, or 50 emails)
  • Participating in a campaign activity: 10 points
    (ex. phone bank, fundraiser, volunteering)
  • Becoming a Student Star by contributing $20 to PT-PAC: 10 points
  • Attending a Town Hall meeting for a legislator:  10 points
  • Attending a National Student Advocacy Dinner: 10 points
  • Attending the APTA Federal Advocacy Forum: 10 points
  • Attending a state chapter's legislative day: 10 points
  • Meet with State/Federal legislator:  30 points
    (outside of organized lobby day and only one individual may submit)
  • Legislator visiting physical therapy program: 50 points
    (only one individual may submit)

Access Student Advocacy Challenge Record Sheet>>

Contact Us

For more information, email Laura Keivel, Grassroots and Political Affairs Specialist at

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