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Still wondering what PT-PAC is all about? Here are five things you need to know.

1. It's All About Developing Champions for Physical Therapy.

APTA's sole political fundraising arm provides access to and influence on federal legislators for the benefit of the profession. PT-PAC supports physical therapy-friendly legislators and provides opportunities to speak on issues that impact the profession, your practice, and your patients.

2. PT-PAC Is Powered by Individual Contributions

Voluntary contributions by current APTA members are what makes the PAC possible — that's why every dollar counts. Like all political action committees, PT-PAC is subject to federal laws and regulations. Those laws and regulations prohibit the use of APTA dues to support the PAC — instead, it's up to individual members who understand the value PT-PAC brings to the profession.

3. PT-PAC Builds Connections That Make an Impact.

PT-PAC focuses its efforts on building relationships with members of Congress and their staff — the crucial component in being able to deliver advocacy that will be listened to and acted on.

4. PT-PAC Is Among the Top Influencers in Health Care

In a large field of health care associations competing for attention on Capitol Hill, PT-PAC is a standout. In the 2018 election cycle, PT-PAC was listed among the top 10 health professional association PACs in terms of candidate contributions.  

5. PT-PAC's Champions Are Carefully Selected

PT-PACs donation decisions are backed up by thorough research and evaluation. PAC staff analyzes candidate voting records, current relationships with APTA members and chapters, current or potential leadership roles, and a host of other factors to ensure the best fit with the profession's advocacy goals.

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