Reentering Physical Therapy Practice

The following resources are provided to support physical therapists and employers in navigating a successful reentry into clinical practice. Evidence-based practice, direct access, new documentation guidelines, and changes in payment policies are only a few of the areas of practice that have experienced a significant evolution in a very short time. This is not intended to be a comprehensive list — simply a way to get started.

Use the APTA Learning Center to find relevant continuing education offerings. Review the continuing education offerings below. This may serve as a refresher for PTs and PTAs reentering the profession.

You'll find more information throughout APTA's website and may also obtain answers to other questions from our Department of Practice staff at

Updates in Practice

  • Self-Assessment Tools: Resources to Help You Assess Your Clinical Practice

    Determine how much work needs to be done to successfully reenter clinical practice. Suggested tools include self-assessments for specific specialties and "Professionalism: Core Values."

  • Evidence-Based Practice Resources

    APTA provides several resources to help you become familiar and comfortable with incorporating evidence into clinical practice.

  • Changes in Documentation

    It is essential for reentering PTs to understand changes in documentation requirements and the standards for all aspects of the patient-client management model.

  • Changes in Payment

    APTA has extensive resources to assist members in getting paid for services.

  • Integrity in Practice

    What you don't know about fraud, abuse, and waste CAN hurt you. APTA's Integrity in Practice Campaign is an initiative to position the profession as a leader and partner in the effort to strengthen the good reputation of physical therapy in the health care system.

  • Licensure

    Learn about changes affecting the legal practice of physical therapy in your state. Mandatory CEUs? Direct access provisions? Licensure and reinstatement?

Continuing Education

Recommended Reading

PT in Motion

  • Integrative Medicine: New Opportunities for PTs

    New opportunities for PTs. (July 2014)

  • Follow the Evidence

    For these outpatient physical therapists, evidence-based practice is the only kind of practice. Here's why, and how they make it work. (June 2014)

  • What PTNow Means for the Clinician

    Physical therapists already are reporting major benefits from PTNow, APTA's clinical website. And, like the profession itself, PTNow will continue to evolve and grow with PT participation. (June 2014)

  • Follow the Leaders

    You'll like where you end up. (April 2014)

  • A Vision to Transform Society

    APTA's new vision for the profession of physical therapy - "Transforming society by optimizing movement to improve the human experience" - will reshape both the profession and its patients and clients. (March 2014)

  • Addressing the Biggest Threat to Physical Therapy

    Outstanding compliance is the key to preventing payment cuts and reducing the regulatory burden on physical therapy. A multifaceted APTA initiative will meet the issue head-on - highlighting the profession's hard-earned reputation for excellence and outlining the work needed to honor and protect it. (February 2014)

PT in Motion Column Series: Compliance Matters

PT in Motion Column Series: Ethics in Practice


Other Reentry Resources

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