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APTA is the definitive source for standards of ethics and professionalism in the physical therapy profession.

PTs and PTAs demonstrate ethics and professionalism by living their core values and working to achieve optimal health and wellness.

The standards for ethics and professionalism are established by the following:

- Code of Ethics for the Physical Therapist

- Standards of Ethical Conduct for the PTA

- Values-Based Behaviors for the PTA

- Core Values for the PT and PTA

- Standards of Practice for Physical Therapy

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Preventing Fraud, Abuse, and Waste: A Primer for Physical Therapists

Sep 01, 2017 / Resource

Legal Topics of Interest

Aug 01, 2019 / Article

APTA Guide for Professional Conduct

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APTA Guide for Conduct of the Physical Therapist Assistant

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Spinal Integrity

May 09, 2020 / Column

The need for teamwork to best serve a patient.

Cost Analysis

Jun 01, 2020 / Column

A PT gets schooled by her employer.

In the Rough

Mar 01, 2020 / Column

A PT-patient relationship built on golf goes off course.

Ethics and Best Practices - Payment, Policy, and You

Feb 05, 2020 / Article

Learn what every physical therapy student should know about the health care landscape, payment, ethical practice, as well as advice on documentation, ethical decision-making, and how to navigate tough conversations all while providing quality care to your patients.

Fall and Balance

Feb 01, 2020 / Column

When patient confidentiality and broader need are in conflict.

Growing Pains – Defining Moment

Jan 13, 2020 / Article

Sharna Prasad, PT, DPT, discusses how self-reflection makes a path clear.

Matters of Respect

Dec 01, 2019 / Column

On what basis is referral acceptable?

Powerful Connection

Nov 01, 2019 / Column

A patient's request both flatters and concerns a PT.

JAMA: Easing Administrative Complexity, Eliminating Low-Value Care Among Wa...

Oct 22, 2019 / Review

A review found that the estimated annual cost of health care waste ranges from a total of $760 billion to $935 billion.

Total Knee, Partial Disclosure?

Sep 01, 2019 / Column

A PT faces a determination at discharge.

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