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APTA has resources to support each #FreshPT and #FreshPTA as they start their careers.

The first years of a physical therapy career inspire fresh excitement and new challenges.

Make sure that you maximize your membership benefits, including unlimited access to content and discounts to the APTA Learning Center and MedBridge.

Our Early-Career Dues Discount (formerly Career Starter Dues) helps you gain momentum, so we can be your support system throughout your career.

Recommended Content

Career Advancement

Apr 7, 2020

APTA is here to support you as you take your PT or PTA career to the next level.

Evidence-Based Practice Resources

Dec 19, 2019

Members have unlimited access to resources previously housed at PTNow: Article Search, CPGs, tests and measures, and more!

Financial Management

Jun 6, 2020

From long-term planning to student loan refinancing, we have resources to assist your financial management.

Membership Dues and Payment Plans

Jun 3, 2020

Our payment options and dues discounts make it easier to become and stay an APTA member.

Additional For Early-Career PTs and PTAs Content

In a Few Minutes, Access a Wealth of Financial Resources

Apr 9, 2021 / Perspective

APTA is here to help you take control of your financial future.

Financial Resources To Help You in Your Career and Your Life

Apr 1, 2021 / Perspective

After exploring the APTA Financial Solutions Center, I feel more comfortable and in control of my financial situation.

Pursuing a PhD

Feb 10, 2021 / Article

Two PTs discuss their career journeys and things to consider when pursuing a PhD.

Student Spotlight: APTA Academy of Pediatric Physical Therapy

Feb 9, 2021 / Open Access

APTA Pediatrics has close to 6,000 physical therapist, physical therapist assistant, student, and partner members.

No Tengas Vergüenza: We Need To Step Out of Our Language Comfort Zones

Feb 1, 2021 / Perspective

Language differences can be a barrier to providing the best care we can provide, and it's up to us to address those differences.

Maximizing Your Potential as a Professional

Jan 14, 2021 / Article

Zach shares his message to seek out more information, identify bias and limitations when they exist, find mentors, and reflect on experiences whenever possible.

When Plans Change: How COVID-19 Changed My Career Journey

Dec 2, 2020 / Article

In this episode, Cameron talks about how he reassessed his career goals and journey, how this year forced him to be creative and innovative, and he gives tips for listeners to consider when things don't go according to your plan.

Adapt and Thrive: Becoming a Professional in the Age of COVID

Dec 15, 2020 / Perspective

I personally believe that when we truly experience something with all our senses, we are better able to make a connection.

Want to Treat the Whole Person in Your Future Career? Address Burnout Now

Nov 19, 2020 / Perspective

People constantly asked me why I studied psychology if I wanted to be a PT. The assumption seemed to be that there was no connection between the two.  

The 'B' Word: Watch Your Language

Oct 14, 2020 / Perspective

The words we use with our patients matter.