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APTA has resources to support each #FreshPT and #FreshPTA as they start their careers.

The first years of a physical therapy career inspire fresh excitement and new challenges.

Make sure that you maximize your membership benefits, including unlimited access to content and discounts to the APTA Learning Center and MedBridge.

Our Early-Career Dues Discount (formerly Career Starter Dues) helps you gain momentum, so we can be your support system throughout your career.

Recommended Content

Career Advancement

Apr 7, 2020

APTA is here to support you as you take your PT or PTA career to the next level.

Evidence-Based Practice Resources

Dec 19, 2019

Members have unlimited access to resources previously housed at PTNow: Article Search, CPGs, tests and measures, and more!

Financial Management

Jun 6, 2020

From long-term planning to student loan refinancing, we have resources to assist your financial management.

Membership Dues and Payment Plans

Jun 3, 2020

Our payment plans make it easier to become and stay an APTA member.

Additional For Early-Career PTs and PTAs Content

Add Your Voice to APTA Advocacy Efforts

Sep 2, 2020 / News

Join us for a "#FightTheCut Virtual Rally" on Sept. 10 and our Flash Action Strategy Sept. 15-16.

How COVID-19 Changed My Way of Practice

Aug 20, 2020 / Perspective

As the only vestibular physical therapist within our program, I found the adoption of telehealth challenging.

PT Compact: 101

Aug 5, 2020 / Article

T.J. Cantwell of FSBPT answers some common questions about the PT Compact, including requirements for eligibility, what happens if you move, and much more.

Marketing Yourself

Jul 1, 2020 / Article

Scott McAfee believes that our profession and its professionals have untapped potential when it comes to showing value and marketing ourselves.

Student Spotlight: American Academy of Sports Physical Therapy

Jun 23, 2020 / Open Access

Each month we will highlight one of the 18 APTA sections, giving information on the specialty, involvement opportunities, and even sharing an experience from a current member.

Fostering Allyship in DEI - Part 1

Jun 18, 2020 / Article

Guests discuss their experiences as racial and ethnic minorities in the profession.

Giving Back To Our Communities During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Jun 5, 2020 / Perspective

Anything that you can do, big or small, to help those in need can make a positive impact.

Impact of Student Debt on the Physical Therapy Profession

Jun 8, 2020 / Report

The report includes recommendations, as well as a summary of actions APTA has been taking to address the problem.

How I Knew Residency Was for Me

Jun 5, 2020 / Perspective

I want to share how I decided residency training was for me.

Financial Strategies for Recent Graduates

Apr 1, 2020 / Feature

Many PTs face financial challenges early in their careers. What strategies can new (and not so new) PTs use to address their financial issues?