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APTA shapes policy issues that impact our profession and the patients and clients we serve.

Through lobbying, grassroots, and regulatory advocacy, APTA shapes policy on the issues that impact our profession and the patients and clients we serve.

Learn about some of the issues we're engaged on and what you can do to help.

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More Advocacy Issues

Administrative Burden Advocacy

Excessive time and resources spent on documentation and administrative tasks can hurt patient outcomes.

Direct Access Advocacy

More needs to be done to improve direct access in states across the country.

Essential Health Benefits Advocacy

Rehabilitative and habilitative services are among the essential health benefits be maintained—and even expanded.

Fair Physical Therapy Copays Advocacy

Physical therapy saves money and achieves results that help patients get and stay healthy. But too often, insurance requires copays that effectively reduce access. This must change.

Health Information Technology Advocacy

PTs and PTAs need to be part of the evolution in health information technology.

IDEA and ESSA Advocacy

Every student deserves the ability to succeed in the classroom and beyond. The IDEA and ESSA make that possible.

Locum Tenens in Medicare Advocacy

Patients shouldn't have to have their care interrupted, and PTs shouldn't be forced to suspend services during temporary absences.

Medicaid Advocacy

Medicaid should put patients first.

Medicare Opt-Out Advocacy

APTA supports legislation that allows Medicare beneficiaries to select the health professional of their choice through private contracting.

Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Advocacy

CMS is about to impose 9% payment cuts that reduce patient access to PTs and PTAs. Congress must act soon, and your voice matters!

Position Paper: Protecting Student Athletes From Concussions Act

March 1, 2020 / Position Paper

This legislation encourages the development of concussion management guidelines for elementary and secondary schools.
Position Paper: The Promoting Physical Activity for Americans Act

March 1, 2020 / Position Paper

This bipartisan legislation would require HHS to provide evidence-based physical activity recommendations for the general public.
Referral for Profit

Patient choice and proper utilization must be protected.

Safe Pain Management Advocacy

The ongoing opioid crisis in the U.S. reflects the unintended consequences of an effort to control pain by masking it. We're paying a terrible price.

Term and Title Protection Advocacy

Words matter. The use of "physical therapy," "physiotherapy," and the PT, DPT, and PTA titles should be restricted to qualified professionals.